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Elevating family celebrations with custom menus and hand-calligraphed signage, hoarding countless vases, platters and decor elements until storage units were bursting at the seams -  these sisters-in-law decided to share their love of entertaining with the rest of us, opening Wile Events in 2012.


Born and raised on Long Island's South shore, Lorraine's passion for making things beautiful began at a young age. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design and stints in marketing, fashion, hospitality and interior design, she finally found her true calling in event styling.  Our resident design whiz, Lorraine creates bespoke paper suites and coordinating products to carry out each client's unique design concept throughout the event.

Lorraine is a talented graphic designer by trade. And when we say by trade we mean she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, completely ignored her degree for the next decade or so working in Manhattan in the fields of fashion, interior design and marketing and then eventually came around.

You might find her lurking around the aisles of Paper Presentation, huddled over her MacBook Pro or at the chiropractor.


Born and raised on the New Jersey shore, Gabrielle has always held a deep love for beautiful aesthetics and environments. A passionate lover of entertaining and hosting, her greatest joy in life has been taking care of the people around her and making even the simplest of gatherings feel special for her guests.

After graduating college, she spent many years in Manhattan gaining expertise in the event planning, public relations and hospitality fields. Realizing a lifelong dream of wanting to fuel her passion of creating beautiful and elevated experiences for those around her, she applied her creative skill set and returned to her first true love, event and floral design, opening Wile Events in 2012.

Gabrielle is a member of the Chapel Designers, an international collective of wedding and event floral designers. Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge by working with some of the most renowned and well respected designers in the industry on nationally recognized events.  Her enthusiasm and passion for the industry is evident to everyone she meets. She is an avid cook, lover of handwritten notes, flower obsessed and our resident softie, where she is known to cry at every single wedding we produce.